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Sea Moss Benefits

Seamoss has 92 of the 102 Nutrients & Minerals we need to revitalize & heal our bodies. Seamoss helps to increase your energy level naturally without any side effects. 2 tablespoonfuls of our delicious Seamoss Gel gives you more energy than a shot of espresso! Seamoss helps to improve mental & emotional health issues we face everyday like stress, anxiety & depression.  Seamoss contains antiviral agents that helps to Boost your immune system. Removes excess mucus from your lungs, & helps to prevent & treat respiratory issues such as Covid, pneumonia, flu & common cold. Seamoss is a natural probiotic. It helps to promote great vaginal and gut health. Regulates your ph levels & helps to lower & remove acidity from your body. Detoxifies your body & improves overall health. Soothes your digestive tract. Aides in weight loss. Improves your heart health. Lowers blood pressure & cholesterol. Improves your A1C & helps to treat & prevent  diabetes. Decreases inflammation. Relieves muscle & joint pain. Improves Libido, impotence & fertility. Helps balance Thyroid Hormones. Helps to promote great skin, prevent & treat psoriasis, acne & eczema. Promotes & strengthens healthy hair, nail growth& a host of other health benefits.

Our Delicious Mango Pineapple Seamoss Gel is our best seller!🍍 
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